YouTube channels must win audiences before winning ads

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The new rule from YouTube makes it so that a channel has to have gotten at least 10,000 views in its lifetime before it can make money from ads. The YouTube Partner Program, which began in 2007, lets content creators monetise their content by placing ads, among other means, to earn revenue from their videos. Qingzhen Chen, a senior analyst for IHS, an advertising research firm, said most creators shouldn't have a problem reaching 10,000 views from YouTube's global audience of more than a billion users. The company's VP of Product Management Ariel Bardin said in a statement that the new threshold would give the company enough information to determine the validity of a channel. It also said that they will be employing more staff to do fact checks manually rather than wait for people to flag them. However, these channels only represent 5% of the total views of the 13.2 trillion views on YouTube all time, the Wall Street Journal reported. Channels have to reach 10,000 views in order for YouTube to pay them.

YouTube said this change has been in the works since November and was created to "protect creators first and foremost". If the result turned out to be good, ads would be served to the content.

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Bardin added that such new moves will help them ensure that revenue flows to those creators who adhere to the rules. The latter point is likely an additional response to the criticism and boycott Google received from advertisers that had ads displayed alongside controversial content. YouTube also added that channels with less than 10,000 views would be able to keep any revenue they earned before today's changes. A YouTube spokesperson said the site has been working to revamp the Partner Program since last November.

YouTube is seriously taking steps to investigate how business is done on its platform.