Tillerson Spoke And Russian Foreign Minister Discussed Syria By Phone

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Tillerson is expected in Moscow for talks with Russian officials next week.

Only terrorists will benefit from the USA strikes on the Syrian airbase, Lavrov told Tillerson.

Critics accused him of being "Washington's poodle" after the trip was cancelled following discussions with U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson, who will go ahead with a planned trip to Russian Federation to "deliver that clear and co-ordinated" message to the Kremlin. "This has absolutely nothing to do with attempts to find out what happened to the chemical weapons", Zakharov said.

"We have a multitude of topics, among which global counter-terrorism is of great significance", Zakharov told Russia's Rossiya-1 TV channel. "Developments in Syria have changed the situation fundamentally", said Johnson in a statement.

At right, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks with the media after greeting Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 6, 2017, in West Palm Beach, Florida.

US President Donald Trump ordered a military attack on a Syrian airbase in Homs province just a day after he accused President Bashar al-Assad forlast week's suspected chemical weapons attack, which killed at least 70 people in the town of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib province.

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Lavrov and Tillerson agreed to continue the discussion of the Syrian settlement during a personal meeting next week during US Secretary's of State visit to Moscow.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Friday that it plans to bolster and increase the effectiveness of the air defense system in Syria following the attack.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also spoke out about the USA strike on Saturday and similarly called for "impartial countries" to form a "fact-finding commission to find out about how and through which border chemical weapons entered Syria".

"The strikes undoubtedly change the tone of the conversation, given the de-confliction protocols, between Russian Federation and the USA have been suspended in Syria", Michael Kofman from Center for Naval Analyses told VOA.

Saturday's phone call was the first between the top diplomats of Russian Federation and the USA since the strikes on the Syrian airfield.