The Final Dodge Demon Teaser is Here, Launch Date Revealed

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- Every part of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon - from the supercharged HEMI® V-8 to the Air Grabber hood to the single-seat interior to the sticky Nitto street-legal drag race tires - is optimized for one mission: dominate street and strip. Of course, if you want to conquer the drag strip, then you need the right fuel for the job.

Now while it won't hurt the engine to combine the fuels, Dodge warns customers that the high-octane fuel only reaches its full potential if it is not mixed with unleaded fuel.

For the record, a high octane rating does not mean that a particular fuel makes an engine perform better, but rather it's an indication of how much compression it can take before it catches fire and damages an engine.

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In addition to the extra powertrain control module, the crate also contains a new switch bank for the center dashboard controls that includes a "high octane" button. The higher-octane gasoline is pumped into the regular tank, and if the combined octane rating is too low (as monitored by engine knock sensors), a message appears alerting the driver that the high-output fuel setting-which changes spark timing-is not available. This in turn will create more impressive elapsed times for drag racers behind the wheel of the Dodge Demon. How does the auto know?

The 14th video teasing the upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the final one, as the automaker has announced an official release date in the coming days.

A bonus video will be released tomorrow before Dodge reveals the Demon on Tuesday, April 11. Instead, the auto uses the premium fuel calibration to get the most out of the engine without risking knock.