Not so silent night: Dallas emergency siren system hacked

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The city has asked for assistance from the Federal Communications Commission in determining who was behind the hack.

The FCC was notified to assist in identifying the source of hack, according to city officials.

Dallas' 156 sirens, normally used to warn of tornadoes and other risky weather, were triggered at 11:42 p.m. CDT on Friday.

WFAA viewers began reporting the sirens at around 11:44 p.m. Friday. "We are putting in safeguards to ensure this type of hack does not happen again", the city said in a news release.

The incident, initially labeled a "system malfunction", sparked an avalanche of anxious posts on social media and calls to the emergency 911 system.

Vaz said he expects the emergency siren system to be back in operation by Monday afternoon.

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Many people, naturally, found the sirens unsettling and some took to Twitter to post video of the incident while the city collectively wondered what impending doom the sirens might be warning of.

WFAA viewers reported sirens sounding in other communities besides Dallas. Later Saturday morning, Garland Police sent out a tweet to clarify the situation. "We had no malfunction". "Right now, our priority is to work on reactivating our system".

"At this point, we can tell you with a good deal of confidence that this was somebody outside of our system that got in there and activated our sirens", he told reporters.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings promised the perpetrator would be found and prosecuted.

A city spokesperson says the sirens are going off due to a system malfunction and emergency crews are working to fix the problem.