Atlanta airport ground stop causing minor delays at TLH

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As of noon Saturday, Delta cancelled 285 flights and delayed 625 nationwide.

By the time a late flight is canceled and a frustrated passenger realizes that the airline can not provide accommodation because the cancellation was due to weather, hotel room capacity in major hub cities will disappear very quickly as other passengers rush to book from their smart phones before even leaving the gate.

Delta tells the Atlanta Journal Constitution that the pies were delivered to airports in Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Ohio, and Kentucky who had the majority of weather-related cancelations.

The airline says it is still getting planes and crews back in position for flights. The airline is refunding passengers with canceled flights. The ground stop was lifted around 1:40 p.m. but not before causing more delays and canceled flights. Employees at its Atlanta headquarters are being asked to help at the airport, and management pilots and flight attendants are being enlisted to fly - in plainclothes, if needed. Holding her wedding bouquet in hand, Melissa McMahon was supposed to catch a flight to the Dominican Republic but her flight was canceled. But they could have been a little more courteous. So the Currys made a decision to rent a vehicle and drive to NY to fly home on another airline Saturday.

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"Delta's website was not updated, and the Delta app kept showing up with error messages every time I tried to rebook another flight".

Delta Air Lines serves more than 180 million customers each year.

Delta COO Gil West said in a statement "Wednesday's severe weather was unprecedented for Atlanta... halting much of the day's operation, prompting delays and cancellations".

"At this point, I just have to get home", said McKnight, a furniture designer who is trying to return home from a business trip to Louisville.