Protester attempts to give Pepsi to OR mayor, is chastised, escorted out

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According to KGW, multiple city council meetings have been delayed or canceled in recent months due to protesters' actions.

"I've just recently moved here and I have to say, I'm very surprised at how there's so many people who show up to City Council and get angry at you and yell at you", the man reportedly said.

After taking Wheeler through his thought process, Enrique told him that believes that the problem is "that the language of resistance has not been properly translated".

Enrique, who claimed to be a former Boston Herald journalist who had recently moved to OR, said he has attended many city council meetings in different cities and noticed that citizens in Portland often responded to officials with anger and criticism - more so than he had seen in other cities. "So this is for you". He took another can out of his pocket and opened it for himself.

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"Woah, woah, woah, not a good move, not a good move", Wheeler (who's also the city's police commissioner) said. "Not a smart move".

The reaction to Carlos Enrique's gesture was not anything like what happened when the Kardashian daughter of Caitlyn Jenner handed a Pepsi to a cop at a peace protest in the ad. There was Kendall Jenner's color blind commercial where she tried (but failed) to resolve police brutality by handing a police officer the soda can. Many called the ad tone-deaf.

The mayor and those sitting on the bench with him looked immediately concerned, even when it became obvious that the man was offering him a can of Pepsi.

"I'm a former journalist for the Boston Herald, so I've covered city council quite extensively", the man said, which is a claim the Boston Herald has since denied.