Extra deputies to patrol for distracted drivers

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In spite of laws already on the books, an alarming number of drivers admit to using their cell phones while driving. While tickets for cellphone use continue to decline, the proliferation of smartphones has caused texting tickets to rise every year since 2011.

Distracted driving includeds more than phone use, the release states.

The enforcement campaign, which began April 1 and will run through April 21, is a high visibility law enforcement initiative that will target motorists who engage in risky distracted driving behaviors such as talking on hand-held cell phones and sending text messages while driving. The campaign aims to end distracted driving through education and raise awareness about the associated dangers.

In addition to the #77 program expansion, Porrino said an enforcement blitz has been initiated by the State Police. The campaign will run through April 28.

"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2014 alone, 3,179 people were killed in distracted driving crashes and an estimated 431,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver", he said.

A study conducted by the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research also found that in 2015, 160 people were killed and more than 33,000 people were injured in crashes in NY that had "driver inattention/distraction" reported as a contributing factor, the release also said.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered a widespread review of police reform investigations launched by the Justice Department. He says a consent decree makes sure change happens no matter who is running the city or department.

"Our goal is keeping all road users in our community safe", said Police Chief Scott P. Livingstone.

Stow loose gear, possessions or other distractions that could roll around in the vehicle so the driver isn't tempted to reach for them on the floor or the seat.

In Michigan and Wisconsin, it's illegal to text while driving.

Law enforcement officers from the Hightstown Police Department and East Windsor Township Police Department will be cracking down on distracted drivers during April as part of New Jersey's UDrive.

Both vehicles were towed from the scene.

At Scott, an alarming increase of personnel driving distracted has surfaced, and with a high volume of pedestrian traffic, this could mean disaster or death. Do not use cellphones while driving - whether handheld or hands-free - except in absolute emergencies.