Distracted Driving Leads to Fatal Car Accident

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"It seems that with more technology it seems we're having a spike in traffic collisions and that's attributed to people being distracted what they need to do is focus on their primary responsibility which will be driving while they're driving a motor vehicle", says Victor Taylor from the California Highway Patrol.

DriveWell turns safe driving into a game using the phones sensors to measure data while driving, something the company says can curb distracted driving.

From April 4 to April 30, The Connecticut Department of Transportation will be partnering with state and local law enforcement as part of the U Drive.

Texarkana, Texas police say distracted driving is the second leading cause of crashes in the area. "Compared to the year before, that's a 10 percent increase. And you'll see influx of other state ads, like click it or ticket advising people it's inherently unsafe", said Traffic Sergeant Pat Smyth.

"Locally we had a flurry of accidents where they drove off side of the road", Smyth continued, referring to a recent cluster of crashes where drivers had been distracted by their phones.

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While mobile phone use is the most recognizable driving distraction, other high-risk activities that can take your eyes or mind off the road include adjusting a music player, grooming, eating or programming a navigation system.

A bill that would ban texting and driving statewide is waiting to go to the Senate. "Don't just accept it because everyone else is doing it". When you text and drive, you are a danger to everyone around you.

Use an app that will block texts and calls while driving.

If you get caught you could pay some hefty fines.