Lawyer tapped for Education role helped Trump campaign attack Clinton

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Trump started by openly pondering if former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta'a brother was paid to have Russian sanctions lifted, asking "Did Hillary know?"

On Monday, Trump accused Clinton (again) of getting the debate questions early - and demanded an apology.

President Donald Trump went on the offensive on Twitter throughout the day on Monday, seeking to further bolden his efforts to dispute the claims of Russian electgion influence in the 2016 campaign.

The president then turned his attention to the months-old scandal, where former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile provided the Clinton campaign with questions prior to a CNN town hall event, when she was a correspondent on the network.

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Aside from the triviality of what actually happened-and the fact that it happened during the primaries, not during the debates against Trump-we have Trump's assumption that Hillary Clinton received the "answers" to debate questions, as if they're tests that have right and wrong responses.

On Monday, Trump also sought to draw attention to a Fox News report that a senior USA official authorized unmasking information collected in incidental surveillance that is believed to have included members of Trump's team and possible the president himself. "Spied on before nomination".

Earlier Monday morning, Trump praised a "Fox & Friends" segment on the "unmasking", or revealing, of the names of Trump associates who may have had their communications swept up by USA intelligence officials. Known Intel official is responsible. "Would be sad for U.S".

Clinton, clad in a leather blazer, resurfaced last week after her humiliating defeat to take a pot shot at the Trump administration after the big dust-up with White House reporter April Ryan.