Dishonored 2 Will Soon Be Getting A Free Trial

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The first three levels of Dishonored 2 will be free to play this weekend.

If you were interested in Dishonored 2 when it released back in 2016, then this is the flawless time to try out the game and see if it's a right fit for you.

Dishonored 2 was regarded as one of the most critically acclaimed titles of 2016. In it, you'll be able to dive into the first missions of the campaign as either the royal protector, Corvo Altano, or the Empress Emily Kaldwin.

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The trial will be downloadable from the PSN Store, Xbox Marketplace and Steam. These three missions should also provide you with many different ways to kill or knock out a target.

Bethesda has announced that it will release a special free trial version of Dishonored 2 later this week, set to arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on April 6. Once completed, it is possible to take the saves you've made in this demo and carry over your progress to the full game. Depending on your choice of character, you can also try out new powers that you can couple with your movement to unleash a dazzling attack combo or use a rapid mode of travel as you sneak through buildings and past enemies.

But hey, at least now you will be able to play and test the game before getting it!