De Blasio: Too many new jails in plan to close Rikers Island

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Despite the portrait of the future painted by the commission, and the newfound support of the mayor, the policy proposals will not be without their hurdles. While de Blasio said the city has not identified any possible locations, he did say there is one he is ruling out.

Martin, founder of JustLeadershipUSA that runs CLOSErikers, told Metro that even his friends thought he was insane for pursuing the shutdown. His stance has softened on account of the city's falling crime rate, which he said makes Rikers' closure more attainable on a 10-year timeline. "You don't have to incarcerate your way to public safety". The district attorneys of Queens and Staten Island were both absent from the press conference Sunday, and even those present did not fully agree on all points, including Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr., who said he disagreed with the report's suggestion that those found in possession of so-called gravity knives should be processed in civil court.

"This is a very serious, sober, forever decision", de Blasio said on Friday.

An independent criminal justice reform commission in New York City has released a report with one simple conclusion: "We must close the jail complex on Rikers Island". That number must get down to 5,000 people to allow us to get off of Rikers Island. It also highlighted inhumane conditions and the dysfunction it creates in families and communities. Jails not on Rikers Island hold a total of 2,400 inmates.

"Rikers Island is not just physically remote-it is psychologically isolated from the rest of New York City". We believe that can be achieved in the next 10 years. However, it is yet unclear what will take its place. In Brooklyn, sites included a barren lot in Greenpoint owned by National Grid and a Sanitation Department garage in East New York.

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The city must first reduce the overall jail population to roughly 5,000 inmates, from some 9,300 housed now by the Department of Correction.

In the three years since the mayor took office, the jail population has decreased 18 percent, from an average population of 11,478 in December 2013 to an average of 9,362 this month. "Once you're off, you're off, " he added, according to the New York Times.

"Many elected officials need convincing".

"The de Blasio administration will not be building a jail on Staten Island", Oddo said in a statement. "We're not taking our foot off the gas".