Recruiters hopeful North Carolina can be 'competitive again' after HB2 repeal

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HB142 was met with harsh criticism from the LGBT community, saying the compromised partial repeal does not do enough to protect their civil rights.

"North Carolina has affirmed that only the state can regulate policies regarding public school and government building restrooms, showers and changing facilities", Patrick said in a statement. They demanded nothing less than full repeal. "It wasn't a flawless deal or my preferred solution, but an important first step for our state", Cooper said in a press conference Thursday afternoon. According to an Associated Press analysis. the so-called "bathroom bill" will cost the state more than $3.76 billion in lost business over a dozen years if it remains in place.

In a brief statement Wednesday, Cooper - whose razor-thin victory over McCrory in November was attributed in large part to voter frustration over the national backlash from House Bill 2 - said that the measure "begins to fix our reputation".

Gov. Roy Cooper signed into law Thursday a compromise bill to roll back HB2, the measure on bathroom access and discrimination that colored the state's image and sparked bickering among residents and political leaders after it was passed a little more than a year ago.

NCAA President Mark Emmert told reporters Thursday that the association's board of governors will have to discuss the new legislation before deciding whether they're comfortable hosting neutral-site championships in the state again.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Basketball-mad North Carolina is bracing for what could be another costly hit from its "bathroom bill" as the NCAA selects four years of championship sites for a variety of sports. The North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP is leading our efforts on the ground.

While lawmakers repealed the much-criticized provision that said transgender people must use the public bathrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate, activists complained that the new law still denies gay and transgender people certain protections from discrimination.

"Everybody loves being in North Carolina for our games", he said. Also, businesses canceled expansions or moves to North Carolina, the National Basketball Association withdrew its All-Star Game from Charlotte, and entertainers such as Bruce Springsteen canceled concerts.

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Roy Cooper, North Carolina's Democratic governor, on Thursday signed a compromise deal to repeal House Bill 2, despite loud objections from LGBT advocates. The Republican majority accepts defeat on HB2 itself but extends the moratorium on local anti-discrimination laws from the six months originally proposed in December all the way out to 2020.

"This is a compromise", said Rep. Phil Berger, an Eden Republican who's president pro tempore of the state Senate, "and compromises are oftentimes hard to get to". "This is likely to be a lower-level estimate because it does not include losses from businesses who have not even considered expanding in NC due to HB2", said Michael Walden, an economics professor at North Carolina State University. They say only a complete repeal will do.

"The politics of this in North Carolina are obviously very, very hard", Emmert said. "The politics of this in North Carolina are obviously very, very hard".

North Carolina lawmakers believe they've done what was necessary for the NCAA, NBA and other leagues to keep marquee sporting events in the Tar Heel State.

He added: "Moving the Final Four is a very hard thing to do, obviously".

SIMMONS: The replacement bill is coming from the same place of animus against LGBTQ people that HB2 was coming from, so I don't know that it sends any kind of message to trans people that we are any safer than before.

The ACC's decision to pull events from North Carolina came shortly after the NCAA stripped the state of several championship events, including opening-weekend games in the men's basketball tournament set for Greensboro.