Hong Kong protest leaders charged day after new leader chosen

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The majority of the China-ruled city's 7.3 million people have no say in deciding their leader, who is chosen from among several candidates by a 1,200-person "election committee" stacked with pro-Beijing and pro-establishment loyalists.

Like Leung she is also promising to address housing shortages and sky high land prices.

When reporters asked Tsang on Sunday whether he thought Beijing had interfered in the selection process, he said he respected the decision of the election committee members.

Before her career in government, Lam was a social worker devoted to serving at-risk Chinese populations, earning a Fulbright Fellowship. Yet now Lam is saddled with showing her continued obeisance to Beijing by following through on this obvious attempt to frighten opponents, not heal divisions.

But Beijing's perceived increasing influence and a lack of promised political reform in Hong Kong has sparked calls for self-determination for the territory, or even a complete split from the mainland.

Lam, as the No. 2 official at the Hong Kong government, strongly advocated for the introduction of the system.

Others who surrendered to police include former student leaders Eason Chung and Tommy Cheung; a political activist; and three current and former pro-democracy lawmakers.

The central government will "take effective measures to deepen cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong, promote the development of a city cluster in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, give play to Hong Kong's unique advantage, and raise Hong Kong's status and function in national economic development and opening up", Li said.

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Patrick added that while Su and Chen were accused of supporting Hong Kong protests it was not mentioned in the indictment and verdict. It is strongly suspected that the businessman was whisked away by Chinese authorities.

But fans of the star quickly called him up on the distinction of his locations, with one writing: "This is Hong Kong not China".

These moves have provoked anger and anxiety among citizens in Hong Kong. However, all the clips in the video appear to have been recorded in Hong Kong, and some Hongkongers didn't take kindly to being referred to as "China". It is simply to keep a lid on dissent and democracy and push ahead with its One Country agenda at the expense of Two Systems.

Earlier this month, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, speaking at the opening of the annual National People's Congress, warned that Hong Kong's independence movement would "lead nowhere".

While many people in Hong Kong thanked Beckham for making the correction, it was clearly not enough for others, with one Instagram user saying: "I think I will stop supporting you now".

The Xi administration is expected to require the Hong Kong government to introduce new national security legislation to further tighten Beijing's control over citizens in the region.

Kuomintang Legislator Lin Wei-chou said the results should be respected, but that Hong Kong should hold "real popular elections" in order to ease inner conflict and controversies.