Bill Gates tops again as world's richest

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The Microsoft founder's net worth is $86 billion, up from $75 billion a year ago. Their average net worth is $3.75 billion, which means Trump is not even worth as much as the "average" billionaire.

Forbes has tracked Trump's net worth since 1982 and previous year he attained a personal high on the list with a ranking of 121.

Other Filipino businessmen who made it in the list were George Ty (No. 544, $3.5 billion), Enrique Razon Jr. - 1,371 members were self-made billionaires.

Ramon Ang of San Miguel Corporation is at No. 1468 with $1.4 billion, and Eduardo Cojuangco at No. 1678. His net worth surged to $75.6 billion from $60.8 billion.

Edgar Sia of DoubleDragon Properties was the youngest Filipino to be included in this year's list, landing at the 1940th place with a net worth of $1 billion.

Internationally known Forbes Magazine has published its coveted list of billionaires for 2017, and Binod Chaudhary, the lone Nepali to feature on the list has been listed as the 1563rd richest man in the world.

There were 183 tech billionaires on the Forbes list, with a combined $1tn in wealth. His $14.8 billion jump in 12 months was enough for him to grab back the number two spot from Amancio Ortega, founder of Spanish clothing chain Zara.

Coming in at number five, with a net worth of $56 billion, is Mark Zuckerberg.

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The global population of billionaires, now put at a record 2,043, marks the biggest annual increase in the 31 years since the magazine began compiling the list.

The US, with 565, has more billionaires than any other nation.

China was second with billionaires that are 319, and Germany was third with 114.

How many USA billionaires on the list was 565, which Forbes credited since Mr Trump's November 2016 election to the recent stock exchange upsurge.

"Midtown Manhattan real estate is down; therefore, so is Donald Trump's fortune", the business magazine said in a statement.

"Forty per cent of Donald Trump's fortune is tied up in Trump Tower and eight buildings within one mile of it", the magazine said. "Lately, the neighbourhood has been struggling - relatively speaking".

Forbes said the $1bn fall in his wealth was due to the slow United States property market.

The magazine also said that his wealth was hit by $66m in political spending on his successful presidential campaign, as well as $25m to settle litigation he allegedly ripped off students at Trump University. For the 2nd year running France's Liliane Bettencourt, the L'Oreal cosmetic heiress, was the world's most affluent girl using a $39.5bn net worth.