Uber Now Lets You Update Your Pickup Location

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The driver will immediately be notified of the new location and will have their route updated.

Cases where a rider claimed that someone else grabbed their ride while they were charged will now be open to investigation by Uber, using "technology" as well as driver input to figure out what actually happened, too. "And moving forward, we'll continue to act on the feedback we've received from drivers and riders to improve the experience for both".

Riders on iOS in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom will now be able to adjust their pickup location if they happened to request a ride from a wrong place.

If you order a vehicle to the wrong location, you can change the pick-up location in the Uber app while the driver is en-route by tapping the "edit" option next to the pick-up location.

Uber first promised to make those changes last week in a conference call with reporters, during which General Manager Rachel Holt admitted Uber's relationships with drivers are frayed and the company is looking to "rebuild that love".

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The new feature is now being rolled out today for the iOS Uber app in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. No word yet on its availability for the Android app or for other territories just yet. And finally, when riders cancel their trip mid-ride, drivers can challenge being short-changed on fair, and get compensated for the full trip in cases where they continue on to finish the ride regardless.

Uber recently released an update to solve one glaring problem experienced by many a rider.

Uber says this is just the start in terms of changes it's making regarding its customer support practices, with more to follow over the next few weeks and months. Instead of a one-size-fits all approach, this policy will take the entirety of a driver's time using Uber into account. These include rider complaints, wrong driver reports, wrong rider pickups and fare adjustments. This will mean less unnecessary time off the road for drivers. In the past, when a rider cancels their trip while they're already en route to their destination, the driver is only paid up to the point of cancellation, even when a driver claims that they completed the whole trip. Before, we used to take the rider's word for it.

We will now give drivers a say in fare adjustments.