Trump warns conservatives as tensions over health reform grow

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In a Thursday morning tweet, Trump called on fellow GOP members to "fight" the Freedom Caucus, the small collection of Republican House members who drove Ryan's predecessor from his job and succeeded in scuttling the president's plan to repeal portions of Obamacare.

Labrador argued the caucus, by opposing the American Health Care Act, was not hurting the GOP agenda, but was in fact trying to help Trump.

The House Freedom Caucus, the collection of libertarian-leaning conservatives who helped sink the Trump-backed American Health Care Act last week, appears to be as much of a political enemy for the president as the Democratic Party.

Representative Warren Davidson, a Freedom Caucus member from OH, said Republicans should leave aside the blame game and work through their policy differences before launching tax reform legislation. He says this will happen "If they don't get on the team".

Asked if this was a productive strategy by Trump to get Freedom Caucus members on board, Massie said, "We're on his side".

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Meadows, uncharacteristically declined to weigh in on Trump's tweet. The called age-based tax credits in the bill meant to help people buy medical insurance an unwise new federal entitlement.

So what is the Freedom Caucus, and why is the president of the United States threatening to defeat members of his own party? I seriously doubt it. Freedom Caucus members already represent conservative districts, so the idea of a mainstream primary challenge probably doesn't sound too intimidating. "Nearly everyone succumbs to the DC Establishment". Plus, rewriting the bill to woo Freedom Caucus members led more Republican moderates to jump ship. There may be a lot of second thoughts coming from the Freedom Caucus, and perhaps a focus on governance in the longer run after a short-term reminder of their importance to the majority. "But the reality is that if we all went home next week with a bill with only a 17 percent approval rating, I think we would all regret that vote".

Under the compromise proposal, the original "bathroom Bill" would be repealed, but the new proposal would not extend to multi-stall restrooms and it would also not extend to places of work, hotels or restaurants until 2020. "We were pressured under what looked to be a bad deal, we walked away, and now cooler heads are prevailing".

Fitton, the participants said, told Teller that Trump needed to be committed to a policy of extreme transparency about contacts between Russian government officials and Trump associates during the 2016 campaign, including Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, and Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law. Trump did not offer specifics, and White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Wednesday said Trump's comments came during a "light-hearted" moment.