Jordan Peele Rumored To Direct The Flash & Akira

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Pictures wants Jordan Peele (Get Out) to direct their live-action Akira movie.

Having made a notable directorial debut with Get Out, Jordan Peele may now have his sights on another project - directing Akira. This is one of those times.

As Akira is once more still in it's concept stage, there has been no word of confirmation yet when we will see more.

According to The Tracking Board, Warner reportedly trying to get Peele to direct the live-action adaptation of the iconic anime film. It also helps that "Ghost in the Shell", also originally an anime, looks to be a promising release.

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Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way will produce with Andrew Lazar. However, if Peele does sign on, it's likely that the writer-director will be throwing out Ramirez's script in favor of his own. That is yet to be seen, though as an African-American director he doesn't necessarily have the perspective to fully realize Asian-American experiences.

Regarding The Flash movie, which has arleady gone through three or more directors, it's reported WB could end up asking Jordan Peele to direct it.

Prior to Get Out, Peele was primarily known as a comedian, most recently co-hosting Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele alongside Keegan-Michael Key. The Tracking Board says that industry insiders say Peele is "ready to make the big-budget leap now", and perhaps it will start with Akira. Peele has not yet announced his next project, though he does have plans to direct a whole series of horror movies about "social demons".