Power Rangers Skin Pack Comes to Minecraft

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In the first version of the film, the Red Ranger and the Ranger Rose were to share a love scene.

When the new movie was announced and Elizabeth Banks was cast as Rita, fans and casual viewers alike were shocked. Consider for a moment if Power Rangers was committed to shaking up the franchise enough to ruffle feathers.

THR called the opening night box-office performance for "Power Rangers" "lackluster" as it reportedly only grossed 7 million rubles ($121,000). (Deep breaths, reader; deep breaths.) In this franchise-obsessed era, you can bet Lionsgate will happily take a chance on bringing a nostalgic seven-film series to life, so long as it continues to do well at the box office-especially after the recent crash and burn of the dystopian franchise Divergent. It's a hard task to bring such a storied series to life; however, these perfectly flawed characters managed to breathe new life into the series. The screenwriters can't always seem to decide if they want the story to be campy or realistic, and sometimes the Rangers end up falling into stereotypical teen roles that could have been fleshed out. But there's something of a twist to the story that is faithful to the origins established by the original series, yet there's a spin on it that adds a modern touch and adds a bit more resonance to the mentor-protégé relationship.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that Mojang chose to honor the original incarnation of the team rather than the recent reboot, given the affection expressed by artist Mike Fielder, one of several creatives to contribute to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers pack.

Those familiar with the Power Rangers mythology know that the team is led by Zordon, the alien leader who provides the teens with their abilities, guiding them to their larger goal as heroes. I had a blast creating Minecraft versions of these characters.

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Since then? The youngsters have taken a backseat in pop culture to six X-Men movies, five Spider-Man films, a Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and 14 projects released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Billy (RJ Cyler) is on the autism spectrum and still trying to make his late father proud, becomes the Blue Ranger.

In the film, another character asks Trini (the yelllow ranger) if she's having "girlfriend problems". The test audiences had a good reason they did not like seeing Pink Ranger locking lips with Red.

The Rangers' armored suits - an important mainstay of the series - don't appear until the last 30 minutes of the movie. By the time the Rangers have their fireside heart-to-heart, he's filled the hole inside him after the death of his father with his new friend-group, and he's gained a sense of objective. Now that the foundation is set for our leading five characters, the stories moving forward will, no doubt, feature more Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

It would have been pretty cool to see a game like this on something like the Nintendo Switch, giving gamers an opportunity to play a worthwhile console title with the option to game on the go - that's the sort of thing that could really help boost the appeal of the Switch.