220-pound gold coin stolen from museum

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If you're wondering why it says "1 million de dollars" it's because the museum gave it a face value, but the market price of 100 kilograms worth of gold is just under €4 million (R56 million).

A 220-pound gold coin named "Big Maple Leaf" has been stolen from a museum in Berlin.

Follow The Huffington Post Canada on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The coin section at the Bode Museum has more than 540,000 objects but German media reports say only that coin was stolen. The police spokesman added that the coin was secured by bulletproof glass inside the building. The front of the coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II and the back has maples leaves on it. There are five of these magical coins in existence; replicas were made after a number of interested buyers came forward.

It has been on loan to the museum since December 2010.

The Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany. It is not clear how the thieves evaded the alarm system or carried the heavy, half-metre coin away.

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And though it weighs about as much as a refrigerator, somehow thieves apparently managed to lug it through the museum and up at least one floor to get it out of a window at the back of the building.

Police spokesman Winfrid Wenzel said the speed and precision of the raid - using only a trolley, a ladder and a cable - indicated there was help from the inside.

The coin was issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007.

The chances of the Giant Maple Leaf ever returning to the Bode Museum are slim.

Selling such a notable coin on the black market would prove hard, of course, unless one first melted it down and hawked the crude gold comprising it.