18 injured as escalator in Hong Kong shopping mall suddenly reverses

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A video shows the horrifying moment a crowded escalator at a Hong Kong shopping center abruptly reversed direction and sent people tumbling to the floor.

Eyewitnesses said they saw people losing their balance and rolling backwards as the escalator changed direction and moved at twice its speed.

Of course there's video, from multiple angles, because this was a terrifying event that happened in a public place in 2017. They were arrested on the spot.

A mall spokesperson commented all escalators had accordingly being inspected by Otis Elevator, the maintenance contractor, in accordance with the law.

Initial investigation suggested that hydraulic fluid used for the escalator could have overheated and triggered the smoke.

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This resulted in several injuries and a man reported suffered a blow to the head which left him in a serious condition.

That warning came after the city's tallest escalator suddenly kicked into reverse, dumping shoppers quickly to the ground, at a Kowloon mall last week.

According to CCTV, 18 people were injured in the incident. "People started to panic and some fell down", a woman called Tina told South China Morning Post. According to the Langham Place spokeswoman, the escalator had passed a biannual safety test on March 23.

She said Otis Elevator Company (HK) Limited, who are responsible for maintaining all the elevators in the shopping mall, has been asked to investigate the cause of accident.

Officials speculate the escalator originally malfunctioned due to a damaged driving chain and a malfunction of the braking device.