Android O dev preview arrives with focus on improving battery life

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The feature isn't exactly new, and was actually supported by Android TV devices when Nougat was released. The final version will be available after summer, but if you're can't wait it is possible to Download Android O today on compatible devices. The OS is now available for download but more features are on its way and lots of work to be done in terms of stabilization and performance, as it is still in the early stage. In a similar vein to Chrome 57, Android O is focused on extending battery life and throttling background tasks. Such changes will also make it easier for developers to make apps that have the least effect on the user's phone and battery.

Picture in Picture (PiP) support is another big feature in Android O, coming years after third-party apps allowed you to do the same. As for existing hardware, the musty old keyboard-and-mouse interfaces are getting some attention to make the Android app experience a bit more satisfying for users of Android apps on Chrome OS devices. App icons in the launcher match the circular folder style and also include long-press options if supported by the developer of that particular app. Pixel launcher will need to be updated via Google Play Store. This feature in the new Android O would enable the user to let a video be squeezed up inside a little floating window while the user is working on any other app. It would allow users to define what notifications they'd receive in a channel. Ex: Users can decide how news based notifications will be displayed or how text alerts are displayed. This means that out of the total 1.4 billion Android users almost 10 million devices have potentially harmful applications installed.

Notifications have always been one of the perennial strong features of Android.

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Android O's first developer preview was launched as the next version of its mobile OS. There are no betas or OTA images released for now, so you will have to flash the preview on your device.

Along with the launcher, navigation buttons on the Pixel C have also been redesigned.

Hence with only a few days left to go before the rolling out of the latest update of the Android operating system, it remains to be seen how it fares.