McDonald's has invented a milkshake straw to boost customers' sucking experience

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Short for Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal, the STRAW is an engineering marvel that will let people "enjoy both flavors of the new Chocolate Shamrock Shake".

The fast-food chain is releasing a new dual-layered chocolate mint shake for St. Patrick's Day, but now doesn't offer a straw that lets people suck up its combination of multi-flavored deliciousness all at once. But make no mistake, the McDonald's STRAW isn't your average straw. It was not as simple as it may seem to develop something that could deliver a proportional amount of both mint flavors and chocolate in one sip.

One of the project's engineers, the head of Google partner NK Labs, confesses the redesign did present "quite a few" challenges, surprisingly.

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Yesterday during a 20 minute Facebook Live session, Maccy D's unveiled its new J-shaped straw. McDonald's Darci Forrest, senior director of the company's innovation group, joined the event as well. But that's exactly what we did. It doesn't stop there - the fast food giant has also invented a new scientifically designed straw that will be available for a limited time.

Thankfully, McDonald's has answered our milkshake-related prayers with their latest invention. This includes the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, Shamrock Hot Chocolate, and Shamrock Mocha, all with the usual ingredients but with Shamrock Shake syrup blended in. Meanwhile, McDonald's has yet to put any engineers on the problem of solving the Shamrock Shakes' persistenly weird chemical aftertaste, presumably because they spent all their R&D budget on tongue-in-cheek promotional videos instead.