Glenn Heights Officer Uses Car to Push Engulfed Truck

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The flames are dangerously close to a drive thru window at Jack in the Box, so Womack pushes the truck with his patrol auto - screeching tires and all.

Footage from the incident shows the officer pull up behind the truck, which was covered in flames and smoke, in his patrol vehicle.

It's still unclear why the older model pickup truck caught fire.

The truck was at the pickup window, putting the flames extremely close to the building.

Rather than just blocking off the area, Officer Womack took full advantage of his pushbar and nosed the truck away from the structure.

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Womack drives the cop vehicle over the curb to better maneuver into position behind the truck.

Glenn Heights police on Facebook commended Womack for his "courage and quick thinking" that kept employees safe and prevented major damage to the building.

Police say no one was hurt.

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