'Mass Effect: Andromeda' to have meaningful sidequests, akin to The Witcher

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BioWare took the feedback regarding boring and repetitive side-quests found in their previous titles, such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, and acted accordingly to fix this issue in their upcoming instalment of the Mass Effect franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

They learned a lot of the complaints coming from Inquisition players and they're applying that knowledge to Andromeda. However, those at BioWare seem aware of the setbacks they took with their fantasy series and are instead looking at a game that ultimately did open-world RPGs a bit more properly: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The new approach to side quests will hopefully engage the player in these smaller stories. He shared that for them as a developer, it was important that the "quantity of scope doesn't downgrade the quality" of the sidequest.

Ahead of the release of Mass Effect Andromeda, Bioware are finally starting to look up from their position in the naughty corner as if to say, "Is it okay to come back?" Thus, Game Devs want to incorporate such strategies to the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to benefit from a revamped side quest system that will provide a major gameplay boost. Aside from the Kett, players can expect separate storylines in Mass Effect Andromeda. "Thank you to everyone who showed interest", a recent message confirms.

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Though crafting is present in the game, the use of the feature is entirely optional and not all that relevant to the "Mass Effect: Andromeda's" narrative.

"Yes!" comes the cry from fans, as the sting of Mass Effect 3's ending has long since faded, and we're more than up for galavanting across the galaxy with a merry band of interspecies badasses once again.

There is now no Mass Effect Andromeda beta release date, however, it's expected to be announced soon.