John Legend Takes Off Drunk Chrissy Teigen's Jewelry After the Grammys

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The 31-year-old model took to Twitter to share a photo of her green thumb and index finger and explain how she stained them by eating Fun Dip.

America's favorite celebrity couple is back at it again with their adorable shenanigans, this time, involving Chrissy Teigen's stylist, Monica Rose, instructing John Legend to take off her jewelry after the Grammys, because well, Teigen had a little too much to drink.

"Okay, I'm home. We're having ramen", she declared in the first video, showing off her silky, orange outfit change.

"Are you mad at me?" she later asked John, who replied, "Why would I be mad at you?" Except Chrissy needed some help with her gold chains.

" 'Cause I got drunk", Teigen retorted.

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Since these posts, she has posted another Snapchat with her morning-after look.

He sweetly responded, "Why would I be mad at you?"

Chrissy Teigen has major balls - imagine giving yourself a haircut hours before a big red carpet event.

Teigen's hilarious documentation of her evening certainly jibed well with the social media queen's followers.