Google uses Valentine's Day Doodle to raise awareness of endangered pangolins

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When it comes to special occasions or events, we've come to expect Google offering something a little different in the form of its Doodles, and today (tomorrow as well, presumably), the search giant is all about love, in celebration of Valentine's Day tomorrow. Pangolins generally come in eight major species. Their sharp scaly skin helps them in staying protected from the external attack.

Google released the series of Doodle, called "Pangolin Love", in association with the World Wildlife Fund, which has set up a dedicated web page to highlight efforts to conserve the scaly mammal.

"Pangolins are the most-trafficked mammals in the world, in high demand by consumers for their meat and their unique scales. Pangolin populations have been devastated by poaching, including at least 80 percent of pangolins in Asia", adds the WWF.

Lasting for four days, the delightful Doodle is all about pangolins and love.

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The addictive interactive game sees players control a pangolin, as he races around a complicated maze of platforms to collect items for his Valentine's. This latest Doodle brings us the Pangolin game with two star-crossed lovers that are oceans apart with one of the pangolins traveling the world learning how to express its love in a variety of ways to prepare for the first date. You can play them on desktop or mobile, but better hurry as Valentine's Day is nearly upon us.

The animated doodle takes one of the pangolins on a long journey through Ghana, India, China and the Philippines to teach it how to best romance its partner.

Head over to Google's homepage to play the mini-game and show some love for the endangered pangolin.