Lena Dunham Completely Disrupts the Today Show by Saying 'Penis'

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Lena Dunham's Today Show interview with Maria Shriver went from fine to cringeworthy in a matter of seconds after Dunham said the word "penis" on air.

See, the actress stopped by to chat about her HBO show "Girls" fifth and final season, and just threw it all out there.... Dunham asked, after Shriver said she'd watched the first few episodes. I had a chance to look at three new shows from this season and it looks terrific.

While you were having your morning cup of joe on Friday, you might've tuned in for NBC's Today for one hell of an uncomfortable sit down between Shriver and Dunham.

"You caught me there. I'm not sure if you're allowed to say that on television, but you did".

"I won't be coming back!" she exclaimed as Shriver continued to chuckle. Dunham joked, and clarified that Shriver had never said the word "penis" on air before.

'My parents always let me know that difference was a attractive thing, ' she said, 'and there wasn't a one-size-fits-all'.

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So Shriver hit her back with, "Going out with a bang ..."

Late Show host Stephen Colbert very graciously jumped in to play our game, but we didn't have time to write new questions for him, so we'll just ask him all the questions we planned to ask Dunham.

The camera found Matt Lauer flabbergasted off the set.

There is an appropriate time and place to say the word "penis".

The 61-year-old guest host added that she "wasn't brought up speaking that way". "Matt, help! She just threw me off!" "No, I'm kidding", Lauer said.