Putin says he's ready to meet Trump in Slovenian capital

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U.S. President Donald Trump has beaten Russian leader Vladimir Putin to became Russia's most-talked about public figure.

Senior officials say Putin asked Trump about extending the 2010 deal, known as New START, during the call.

Three sources told Reuters the billionaire baron had to pull aside an aide to explain what happens to be a milestone accord constraining the us and Russian nuclear and missile arsenals.

While he couldn't remember it during his phone call with Putin, Trump had actually previously criticized the deal during a campaign debate where he erroneously referred to it as the "START-Up" treaty (which maybe explains his confusion).

During a debate past year, Trump alleged that Russian Federation had "outsmarted" the United States in nuclear talks, asserting incorrectly that what he referred to as "START-Up" allowed Russian Federation to continue to produce nuclear weapons while America could not. The treaty requires America and Russian Federation to cap their deployed strategic nuclear warheads at 1,550 by February 2018, as well as limit their deployed land-and-submarine-based missiles and nuclear-capable bombers.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer declined to discuss the contents of the call.

In his first phone call January 28 with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a Reuters report, President Trump criticized the treaty called New START that was negotiated by former President Barack Obama in 2010 and entered into force in 2011. "I would never take any of my cards off the table", he said.

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However, Reuters floats the suggestion that Trump did not even prepare for the Putin call, which is a growing concern about his conversations with other leaders.

The state-owned RIA agency quoted Putin as speaking optimistically about the possible results of a meeting with Trump. Ratified in December 2010 with a bipartisan vote of 71 to 26 in the Senate, Russia and the USA agreed to cap their respective stockpiles of nuclear arms to 1,550.

The White House has disputed the notion that Trump didn't know what the treaty was, saying that Trump was familiar with it but was asking his team for an "opinion" on the subject.

And others in the Trump Administration continue criticism of Russian Federation - most recently the conviction of Alexei Navalny, a Putin critic and opponent.

As a candidate, Trump was critical of the 2010 agreement.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama slid into third place with 61,155 mentions, while Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton only managed to cling to seventh place with 23,843 mentions.