People just can't stop buying Grand Theft Auto 5

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More than five million copies were shipped during the final three months of 2016, which is very impressive, considering that the game originally launched in 2013.

In November, Take-Two said the game shipped 70 million copies according to its reported earnings for its fiscal Q2 2017 which ended on 30 September.

Take-Two said that both GTA 5 and its online component, Grand Theft Auto Online, have surpassed expectations in "every quarter since their release".

Since the last announcement of their sales, "Grand Theft Auto V" was able to sell 5 more million copies around the world.

The company said net revenue rose to $476.5 million from $414.2 million in the third quarter ended December 31.

In 2015 the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions went on sale and boosted things.

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Take-Two said it now expected a profit of between $1.15 to $1.25 per share for its full-year ending March 31, down from its earlier forecast of $1.80 and $2.09. In addition, Grand Theft Auto Online continues to deliver growth in both engagement and bookings with a record number of players in December, driven by the ongoing release of new content. Infact, it was the sixth highest-selling game of 2016.

So in ten years' time, perhaps we'll be carrying "GTA V" around on our mobile devices - and the game will be inching ever closer to that 500 million mark.

Apart from the sales figures for "Grand Theft Auto V", Take-Two also announced the numbers for "NBA 2K17" and the "Civilization" series. It seems that sales of Grand Theft Auto 5 have been pretty good.

USA financial regulators have issued new guidelines that require deferred revenue from games with online components be accounted for over however long users play them, typically six to nine months.

Those 8 million extra sales (or, to reflect Take-Two's calculation, shipments to stores combined with verified sales) would then move it past the current tally attributed to another Nintendo system-seller, Wii Sports. Overall, Take-Two increased revenue by 15 percent in 2016 and drastically increased the revenue from digital content by 64 percent.